Swachha.store is an e-commerce website to rebuild a clean, green and sustainable earth .The Market place integrates all the green stakeholders which helps cater both B2B and B2C with an core intentions to sell products and services related to Waste, Water, Clean Energy , sustainable products, Do It Yourself (DIY),Recycled ,Up cycled and Gardening.

Our Brief

With ecosystems getting connected and technology linking all touch points, Waste, Water management and Clean Energy is still seen as a tedious process by every single home, business and municipality.

Swachha has been conceptualized to make a difference in the ever changing landscape of waste, Water management and sustainability products and services. The “swachha.store” – the one stop solution for waste, water management, up cycling, consulting services and recycling of waste streams from all sectors.

Waste Management

Swachha .store integrates all the product manufacturers/traders of Recycling Machineries such as Plastic, Paper, Metal, Rubber, E-Waste, Hazardous & Non-Hazardous, allied products home -composting cleaning equipment and all over 500 products, Pollution Control Equipment

Water Management

Swachha.store integrates all the products and service related waste water treatment such as ETP/STP, organic /chemical’s cleaning agents, odour control, deodorization and more than 500 products

Clean Energy

Swachha .store integrate all Solar product development Solar integrated (solar enabled) products, Solid state (LED) lighting products, Fuel cells, Battery technology / storage technology, Flywheel energy storage, Wind generation
Micro-hydro, Related electro-mechanical products and over 300 Products


Swachha.store integrates all the eco-friendly and sustainable or alternatives “products that do not harm the environment whether in their production, use or disposal”. In other words, these products help preserve the environment by significantly reducing the pollution they could produce. With over 500 products

Recycled-Up cycled Products

Recycling 100% Recycled Paper, Eco Flash Cards, Recycled Paper tissue and towels, Composting square plates/spoons, cutlery, Irrigation Pipes and Fittings and Interlocking Plastic Recycled Tiles

Sustainable Products

Home-composting, degradable products, menstruation alternatives products, cloth bags, hemp products, jute, coir, and bagasse products

Do It Yourself (DIY) - Bloggers

The platform involves active sustainable bloggers who passionately share the ideas and models and DIY Videos as first handouts

Environment Impact

We must work together to bridge consumer demands and the ability of new technology innovations to meet their demands, if we were to realize India’s seventh millennium development goal of ensuring environmental sustainability

Economic Impact

The platform helps in working with women self-helped groups, citizens groups, MSME Organizations which drives the new market and businesses

Social Impact

The e-commerce works on ethical sourcing, sustainable logistics, green procurement, total sustainable product life cycle through which new areas of development is assured

Financial Impact

By integrated all the development impact results in creating newer opportunity, a fair market place which is regulated , complied and profitable